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2020 has not been a great year for us. We have been stuck in a global pandemic the whole year; that took a toll on so many people’s mental health. We pray that 2021 opens infinite doors of fulfilling opportunities, bliss, and contentment for all of us. On that note, let’s welcome the new year with new hopes and fresh headspace.

And keeping that in mind, I have come up with five jovial books that would feel like sunshine to your chilly mornings. These are the kind of books you can read even if you aren’t fond of reading in…

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Artificial Intelligence, sometimes referred to as Machine Intelligence, is an approach to make computers, machines, and robots capable enough to enact and execute several tasks like the human brain. In a nutshell: making machines intelligent.

Artificial intelligence(AI) examines the way the human brain functions and tries to solve problems. And after the analysis, these traits are set to implement in computer systems and machines to enhance their functionality so that they perform tasks more efficiently like the human brain.

Role of AI in different industries:

In this digital age, the utilization of AI is expanding in numerous areas. AI is…

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